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We typically launch our campaign during the summer months at which time we simultaneously collect money and in the rare occasion we collect donations in kind. Subscribe to our alerts by visiting the Contact Us page then send us your name and email address. We promise we wont spam your inbox we will only send you notifications each year to let you know our campaign has started. This year the campaign will start on July 8, which just happens to be our Director’s birthday. A birthday dedicated to giving back is a birthday well spent.

We promote the monetary donations mostly because 1. It allows us to be more uniform in what we purchase for distribution, 2. The pandemic is still upon us therefore it helps to minimize contact between our volunteers and donors, and 3. Logistically it is the easier way for you our donors to take part in our campaign from wherever you are in the world. To make a monetary donation you can click the GoFundMe link anywhere on our website or if you have Canadian bank account you can sent an e-transfer to

Not to exclude any of our amazing donors who, for whatever reason, might not be able to make a monetary donation and would like to donate in kind, we welcome your contribution just the same. You have a few options. Unfortunately, due to logistics, this option is only open to donors who live in Toronto (and Scarborough), Canada. You can place an order for pick up to any supermarket located east of Yonge Street, add Kareem Constantine as pick up person and we will collect it. You can also put the items for donation together, whether from a single household or from you and your friends, then message us from the Contact Us page or via email at and we will arrange a time to collect the items. Unfortunately, at this point we do not have a designated drop off location, unless of course you know someone from our team of volunteers, in which case feel free to coordinate that with them.


Volunteerism is how we navigate our way through this world of charity. While we may have an army of volunteers, as you can see from the Meet the Team page, we are always looking for the right people who can propel just that much further. The great thing about a charity is the scope of a volunteer’s involvement can be extremely broad.

Between preparing for the collection drive campaign, running the campaign, packaging and shipping the barrels, transporting the barrels to their final destination and getting the much needed items in the hands of our beneficiaries, there are many moving parts and you might be able to assist.

If you are a contributor to a newspaper or a blogger and would like to write about the work we are doing, we welcome you. Maybe you have a good social media following or you’re an influencer and you want to share our GoFundMe campaign or tweets and IG post, please go right ahead. We always need drivers to pick up donations in kind, make trips to buy barrels and to transport the barrels after they clear customs in Jamaica. In whatever way you think you can lend a helping hand, reach out to us and we will definitely take a look at the possibility of working together for the common cause.

Thank you for donating

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